Harmony allows you to seamlessly analyze Earth observation data from different NASA data centers



  • Consistent access patterns to EOSDIS holdings make cross-data center data access easier
  • Data reduction services allow users to request only the data they want, in the format and projection they want
  • Analysis Ready Data and cloud access will help reduce time-to-science
  • Community Development helps reduce the barriers for re-use of code and sharing of domain knowledge

Harmony Goals


Users should be able to seamlessly analyze data from different NASA data centers in ways previously unachievable. Harmony aims to increase usage and ease of use of EOSDIS' data, focusing on opportunities made possible by cloud-accessible data.


Transform how the development community works together to achieve #1. Let's reuse the simple, but necessary components (e.g. EDL, UMM, CMR and Metrics integration) and let's work together on the hard stuff like chaining, scaling and cloud optimizations.

Transformations can be performed using one of several Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-inspired APIs. Each API requires a collection concept ID CMR, and then transformations can be performed using

https://harmony.earthdata.nasa.gov/{collectionId}/ogc-api-coverages/1.0.0 or

All users will need an Earthdata login account from Earthdata Login in order to perform transformations. See the links field for additional Harmony routes.